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Welcome to Thankfull
Thankfull reminds you to record what you're thankful for, every day.
What time would you like your reminder at?
1830 pacific
Great! We'll remind you at 1830 pacific time.
When you get the reminder, text back what you're thankful for, and Thankfull will record it.

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It's easy. Just text 'hi' to +1.503.676.6040


"Your psychological well-being depends less on the things that happen to you and more on the things you pay attention to."

Thankfull helps you pay attention to the good things.

What's the cost?

For now, Thankfull is free to use (though you do have to pay your carrier for SMS charges).

In the future, Thankfull will likely require a small monthly payment to cover hosting and SMS charges.

Tips and Tricks

You can send a message at any time, and Thankfull will record it for you.